Receiving the Home, Light and Third

Hints on receiving the Home Service, Light and Third Programmes from BBC Engineering in 1951

Far from routine

A random day at Thames in 1970… planned to the very second

Keeping them Wide Awake

Inside TV-am’s popular children’s magazine show, the Wide Awake Club, in 1988

Broadcasting in the West

It’s 1949 and regional radio from the BBC Home Service is at its height. Our new special site reprints a BBC West of England booklet going behind the scenes of radio in the west and south west


Pete Singleton remembers his personal 1964

Newsletter – 22 October 1971

The goings on inside Thames in October 1971

The Sound of ILR

Some technical details of how Independent Local Radio sounds so different in 1977

Tele marks of 1966

Fusion magazine looks back over an eventful year for Rediffusion

The rise of ‘Take It From Here’

The 1950 BBC Handbook celebrates the big hit for the Light Programme in 1949: Take It From Here by Denis Norden and Frank Muir

This is Thames

A 1979 promotional leaflet gives us a glimpse inside Thames Television’s plans for the 1980s

Toddlers and the £750,000 Question

Lord Hill of Luton on ending the Toddlers’ Truce and handing £750,000 to ITV

Marconi mobile television

In city, town or country, Marconi Outside Broadcast equipment is the toast of 1954 – see why in our new microsite

All for the love of good food

Philip Harben introduces his new cookery show – The Grammar of Cookery – in 1964, part of ABC’s Headway adult education service

TV franchise – the picture is unclear

Ructions at City Road as Tyne Tees wins its franchise in 1980 but is ordered to restructure

‘Air hostesses’ – new style

Meet Muriel Young and Daphne Anderson, announcers for Associated-Rediffusion and ABC (aka ATV) in 1955

Tonight’s ITV… in 1974

A look at what was on across ITV on Friday 11 October 1974

This week’s ITV children’s programmes… in 1974

A look at what was on ITV for children this week in 1974

Tonight’s ABC Midlands… in 1964

A look at what was on in the Midlands on Saturday 26 September 1964

Tonight’s Anglia TV… in 1971

A look at what was on in the east of England on Sunday 19 September 1971

Back in time for TV: 6-12 August 1970

HE Cooper takes a time machine back to 6-12 August 1970 for a look at what was on the telly

Tonight’s BBC Home Service… in 1939

A look at what was on the BBC on Tuesday 12 September 1939

Freddie Phillips

You know him from Trumpton and Camberwick Green. We know him from his 8 daily start-up pieces for BBC-1 (two on Sundays) in use 1964-7. Have a listen to them on our SoundCloud channel

Television starts the day

Listen to Television start the day each day on Transdiffusion’s free SoundCloud playlist

► Quick march

On retransmission stations of the internet, this is the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System

Get Zzzapped!

A new website goes in depth into the 1990s television comic ‘Zzzap!’

I shall say goodnight till it be morrow

The end came for the BBC Two 2s last night

Shaun O’Riordan 1927-2018

One of the longest-serving ATV directors has died